Visual Material Editor Maths Guide for Artists


Maths. I loved it in high school and was fairly good at it too, but I always struggled on knowing what process or formula to apply to a problem. For me, I could never see how complex maths could be applied to a real world issue. Lo and behold the area I struggled with most was vectors, something I never dreamed I would revisit after leaving school.

Fast forward some years, here I am as an artist in the games industry, learning how I can use Sine waves to lerp between texture colours, and even manipulate vectors to create ambient movement in the environment. Finally, maths is starting to make sense.

By no means am I a master at the UE4 Material Editor, so the following Material examples are simple. They were designed to be used as a reference, to understand how different process affect the textures.

I highly recommend downloading the Content Example for UE4 and working through the Math Hall map if you would like to understand how the math works.


Sine, Append, Abs and Lerp